The Gender Agenda - 17.10.2009

 in the Public Service Review

Päivi Fadjukoff, from the University of Jyväskylä in Finland, calls for greater encouragement for women and girls to study technological subjects in schools

Women and girls throughout Europe are dramatically underrepresented in technological education areas and jobs. Even in countries with gender balance in the areas of mathematics and science, there is a marked imbalance concerning technology subjects. The Revised Lisbon Strategy (European Council, Brussels, 22nd-23rd March 2005) again highlighted the need to improve the human capital involvement, specifically women and young people, in the key sectors like Hi-Tech, ICT, etc. Accordingly, the issue of getting more women in technological or scientific education and careers has been approached by numerous EU and national projects. Yet the challenge persists. Even in countries where gender imbalance is not a problem in the areas of mathematics and science there is a marked imbalance when technology subjects are taken into account. Technology, where the science is put into action, is an area where the gender imbalance culminates.



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